How to discard the deploy_revision block to not execute in php application cookbook?

I’m following the Data Bag driven way for installing a wordpress app looking at the php-quick-start guide as reference.

So far I’ve been trying to understand the mapping between the data-bag items and the default attributes file of the cookbook.

On thing I’m stuck on is, I’ve setup the role for base, database_master, …

The only difference is that I’ve been trying to install bare wordpress but using the php application recipe of opscode.

But at the last section of cookbooks/application/recipes/php.rb, it has a git version of deploying style as follows:

## Then, deploy
deploy_revision app['id'] do
  revision app['revision'][node.chef_environment]
  repository app['repository']
  user app['owner']
  group app['group']

I’ve created my customized wordpress cookbook and when I run it, I don’t want to run that deploy_revision ... block.

So, how can I avoid running that block from my cookbook? Something like overriding the rake db:migrate cmd of ActiveRecord with a blank rake task while using Mongoid rubygem wrapper for nosql db Mongodb?

~ Sachin Sagar Rai
Ruby on Rails Developer
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