How to edit the resources defined inside the action of a custom resource?


I need to customize the actions of the tomcat cookbook, i.e. edit a user resource and a template resource and delete another resource.
If I try edit_resource! directly in the recipe, it complains that the resource does not exist (BTW, when running the recipe, the log shows a linux_user resource and not user, but trying to find linux_user also fails).

edit_resource!(:user, 'tomcat_user') do
  gid 'mygroup'

Are the resources of a custom resources not visible directly from the recipe? Are they not available until converge (in which case I guess I can try to edit them in a ruby_block, preferably without having to copy/paste the edit_resource code).

PS: I know I can just get the cookbook into my repo and customize it but I’d rather avoid that.