How to install an older prerelease version?

I didn't receive an answer yet for an issue in GitHub which I created on Oct 20, 2017 so I'll ask here

Yesterday (Oct 19), 13.5.22 was the latest prerelease of chef-client.

I installed it using the following parameters during knife bootstrap

--bootstrap-version 13.5.22 --prerelease

However. today (Oct 20) when I wanted to bootstrap 13.5.22 using the same parameters, chef installed the chef-client 13.5.25.

Removing the --prerelease caused a download failure, it could not find v. 13.5.22 that way.

How can I still install 13.5.22 during bootstrap?

The original GitHub issue is this one:


Knife bootstrap unfortunately needs a fairly major overhaul; some of that work is captured in , and the move to mixlib-install would fix your problem.

I’ve not tried this but, try passing --bootstrap-version "13.5.22 -c current" to the bootstrap script. Otherwise, you can take a copy of and add -c current to . I know neither of these are ideal but they should get you going.

Ok, thank you very much. I guess I’ll just wait for the issues to be fixed