How to migrate chef 12 from one AWSE ec2 instance to other?

How to migrate chef 12 from one AWSE ec2 instance to other?

helps would be appreciated

My chef server is built with a CHEF cookbook. Every configuration is versioned controlled. So, launching a new AWS ec2 instance with CHEF server deployed and configured is just a push of a button.

Even my chef server is also built with the community cookbook from cookbook supermarket and installed with my older chef-server, now the current server is managed by its own. But i havent added any versioning kind of things in it.

And its easy to launch a fresh server with that cookbook, but my issue is,

i need to get all the node configs,cookbooks,roles and all other data in my new instance.

Can you let me know how did you configure all above settings/configs on cookbook level?



Just create an image (AMI) from your running server and launch a new one
using that image.

Use knife backup (external plugin) or knife download and then knife uploadto restore to the new server.

Documentation and here

Alternatively, use the backup and restore commands of chef-server-ctl.

Documentation is here

Thanks for the help guys. Creating AMI was quick and easy fix . :slight_smile: