How to track chef-client execution remotely?

Greetings Masters

I am executing chef-client on my windows nodes using knife winrm. I want to track the execution status of that particular chef-client execution remotely from my workstation. How can I do that?



Are you looking to just track the status of each run on that node or more detailed infoz? You can get status from the Chef Management UI under reports but I’ve also been using Datadog’s Chef integration which has a nice dashboard for that type of stuff.


Hi @emachnic

Right now I am looking for the status only. But yes, the end goal would be complete log.
How can I check the status?


Hi @manishmehra,

I’m not familiar with any ‘real-time’ way to check nodes that are currently being configured with Chef. However, I’ve been using Knfie Reporting to check for runs and their statuses (success/fail) from my local machine. It’s a ruby gem that just queries your Chef server for run information:



Thanks @seth
This looks interesting. I will definitely explore it.