How to upgrade and downgrade the softwares installed on nodes using chef

We have installed a EMS (Element Management syste), which contains Java code unning on weblogic 12c server and 1 node RAC DB. we have installed this on our nodes using chef.

We would like to know how can we upgrade our EMS software on these nodes using chef without a down time.

any poins of links will be really greatful.


At risk of sounding silly. How would you go about doing this without chef?

If you can identify the steps involved to accomplish the task without chef it becomes much easier to understand how to do a task using chef.


Thanks for the reply.

Below is what we have done in the Solaris Platform. For each deployed server we do the below items.

  1. We have written shell scripts to first update the platform code that mainly contains the automated shell scripts.
  2. Then we upgrade the database schema using EBR (Edition based redefinition) .
  3. Then we upgrade the Weblogic configuration using wlst commands.
  4. then we do the online re-deployment of the applications in the weblogic and then restart the Managed Servers to make the new application active.

All of the above is automated using shell scripts in Solaris 11 zones.

Now we are moving to Linux and thinking of instead of porting the same shell script in linux, is there a way Chef can help automate some of the this and make life simple.


Chef can run any command a human can, but it only does what you tell it to. You can poke around for some WebLogic community cookbooks but given how much you described that sounds one-off you’re probably better off writing your own.