I started getting an error 400 Bad Request when trying to get a profile


On Friday I started getting the following error when bootstrapping a node including a compliance profile for scanning, has anyone else encountered this? It started happening on my development and production systems at the same time, they're on different versions of Chef Server and Automate. Anyone have any ideas how I can debug this issue?

[2019-09-22T10:16:31-05:00] INFO: Fetching profile from: https://{FQDN}/compliance/organizations/{org}/owners/jenkins/compliance/pr_scn_win2016_verification/tar
[2019-09-22T10:16:31-05:00] ERROR: Report handler Chef::Handler::AuditReport raised #<OpenURI::HTTPError: 400 Bad Request>

Thanks in advance

Not an expert by any means but it is not related to internal certificates is it? Important -- Chef Automate 2 Internal Certificate Expiration


I found out the issue - it was caused by the latest Audit cookbooks somehow, v 9.0.0. I reverted to 8.1.1 and it worked again. Hope this helps if anyone else has this issue.


Thanks for that, I also considered that as a possibly cause, turned out not to be the case here but I appreciate you taking the time to try to help.