I would like to know if i can manage the storage arrays as nodes

Chef Team,

I would like to know if i can manage the SAN storage arrays as nodes. I saw one of the diagram in which it was mentioned storage can be a node type. Please shade me some more light on this If possible Please share me some resources, how can i integrate the Storage nodes to my chef Server.

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This comes down to specifically what kind of storage arrays you are talking about and whether they have an API generally. For example I’ve written an integration for EMC’s CoprHD myself but whether something exists at present for you particular needs depends on what arrays you are using. You can also always write your own Custom Resources in Chef to manage arrays should an integration exist for your particular storage needs.


Hi Cheeseplus,

Thanking you for the response. In My environment i have at least 10 numbers of Hitachi VSP G1000 enterprise level arrays. After your response, i have sent the email to Hitachi Team to know about the APIs availability. Even if i have the APIs for my storage systems, could you please direct me to some resource how to integrate and manage them using Chef. Appreciate your time and help on this.