Ifconfig resource

We have Ubuntu 16.04. I tried chef client 13.6.4 and 14.1.1 versions and got same error

    Compiled Resource:

    ifconfig("") do
      action [:add, :enable]
      default_guard_interpreter :default
      declared_type :ifconfig
      cookbook_name "nas"
      recipe_name "test"
      device "tun2"
      mask ""
      onboot "yes"
      target ""
 STDERR: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
    tun2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
    SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
    ---- End output of ["ifconfig", "tun2", "", "netmask", ""] ----
    Ran ["ifconfig", "tun2", "", "netmask", ""] returned 255

Interface creation with ip tuntap add name tun2 mode tun fixed the issue. Is it possible to include this step in resource? Have I missed some key to do it?