I'm getting errors in the tutorial but don't know where I have gone wrong

I have been following the tutorial through. I am using Mac OSX.

When get to the final stage of processing my build https://www.habitat.sh/tutorials/getting-started-process-build/ and I execute the third step [default:/src:0]# hab pkg export docker myorigin/mytutorialapp I see this error

[27][default:/src:0]# hab pkg export docker myorigin/mytutorialapp hab-studio: Creating Studio at /tmp/hab-pkg-dockerize-oCCI/rootfs (baseimage) » Installing myorigin/mytutorialapp ✗✗✗ ✗✗✗ Cannot find a release of package in any sources: myorigin/mytutorialapp ✗✗✗

I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with the error message and what has thrown it as having followed the tutorial I don’t deel I understand all the parts that are happening at this stage, especially not enough to debug the problem myself.

Also I wasn’t sure if I am able to look this error message up in the docs?

Is this related to docker or habitat? How would I find out?


You need to replace myorigin with the name of the origin key you created during hab setup.

So, your command might look like:

hab pkg export docker myorigin/mytutorialappstuartstevenson

Let us know if that resolves the issue for you.


Thanks Nathen, that has resolved my issue.

the steps I did differently this time were:

  • rerun hab setup with an origin stuartstevenson
  • when I entered the studio I used hab studio -k stuartstevenson enter