Inspec exec winrm doesn't work from RHEL 7 machine to windows machine

I am trying to run inspec winrm from a RHEL 7 server to try and connect to windows server with the following CLI command:
inspec exec SOME_BASELINE --host==WINDOWS_HOSTNAME --user=DOMAIN_USER --password=USER_PASSWORD --backend==winrm --reporter==json --chef_license accept

It shows the following error:

raise_if_wsman_fault: [WSMAN ERROR CODE: 2] <f:WSManFault Code='2' Machine='MACHINE_HOSTNAME' xmlns:f=''><f:Message> The WSMan service could not launch a host process to process the given request. Make sure the WSMan provider host server and proxy are properlyy registered. </f:Message></f:WSManFault> (winRM::winRMWSManFault)

The linux server is located outside of the domain and the windows server is in the domain. When running the same command from a windows server inside the same domain, with winrm to the other windows server, the command works fine.

Is there a way to make the inspec exec work in the linux server?

InSpec and Platform Version:
inspec version 4.23.11
RHEL 7.9