Inspec Reporter | HTML Format


I am using inspec reporter to generate the patch scan report in HTML format but in the report I am getting error message as show in the snapshot.

can anyone help me to understand what its all about and how to get read of it.

When i don't generate the report and get the output on screen the output is normal as below

Profile: DevSec Linux Patch Benchmark (linux-patch-baseline)
Version: 0.5.0
Target:  ssh://root@

  ×  verify-patches: Operating system is up-to-date
     ×  Linux Update is expected to be uptodate
     expected `Linux Update.uptodate?` to return true, got false
  ×  patches: All operating system package updates are installed (480 failed)
     ×  System Package device-mapper-persistent-data version is expected to eq "0.8.5-1.el7"

     expected: "0.8.5-1.el7"
          got: "0.7.3-3.el7"

     (compared using ==)

     ×  System Package gnome-settings-daemon version is expected to eq "3.28.1-5.el7"

     expected: "3.28.1-5.el7"
          got: "3.28.1-2.el7"

     (compared using ==)

This is a good news, bad new response.

As you can see, you are getting the same results regardless of which reporter you are using. Your controls and the results are stable. So, that's good.

The HTML reporter is frankly primitive. It is simply the RSpec HTML reporter; it is not aware of InPSec-isms. It is easily confused by unexpected data, and it does not do anything to hide ugliness or allow customization of stylesheets, etc. All of that is being considered as the work for 2020 is planned. But, it means the the HTML reporter is not likely to work for your purposes for the foreseeable future (at least not on that failing control), which is the bad news.

You might consider a transformation involving the JSON reporter, and performing some sort of json-to-HTML conversion. That would give you a lot of control. The JSON reporter is one of the most stable and data-complete reporters.

Reading a bit into your intents, I think this might be more what you're looking for: pretty dashboards for your Inspec data! I've not used it myself yet, but ask about it in the #inspec channel of the community Slack, lots of users + heimdall devs hang out in there.

Hi @cwolfe,

Thank you for response. Indeed it turn out to be a Good and Bad news response.

But i am happy to know that this feature will be looked over in 2020 plan.

Regarding the json-to-HTML conversion can you help providing some details If you have seen it in past.

Hello @bobchaos,


Thanks for your response. Yes, I have seen heimdall dashboards and this is pretty much what i need :smiley: but is this fully open source?

And the main issue i got from heimdall is that for each server report to be seen I have load the respective json on it. That means if i have 100 server report than I have to load 100 times 100 json to see the update.

It should be FOSS, but looking closely it says we're free to redistribute according to the terms of the, except there's no such file XD Probably just an ommission, you should ask about that and the functioning in Slack. Aaron Lippold, one of the authors, hangs out in there and can probably help you with your use case and correct the license issue.