Install Chef Server 11 with AWS RDS

Hello Friend’s, Please go through my Issue. Now AWS Certified has postgresql service in RDS, So I tried to install Chef Server 11 with postgresql RDS instance by editing attributes in /opt/chef-server/embedded/cookbooks/chef-server/attributes/default.rb

default[‘chef_server’][‘postgresql’][‘vip’] = "rds instance endpoint"
and importing database with the following command

/opt/chef-server/embedded/bin/psql -h “rds instance endpoint” -p 5432 -U “user_name” “database_name” < /opt/chef-server/embedded/service/erchef/lib/chef_db-f086a97/priv/pgsql_schema.sql
But i am not able to achieve that. chef-server-ctl reconfigure gives an error curl -sf http:// /_status returned 7

Please help me to configure chef server with RDS instance.


Chef Server 11 never supported an externalized Postgres instance, you’d need at least 12.2.0 but I’d recommend the latest release 12.17.15.