Integration Testing

Good morning All.

I have written cookbook to install oracle software & uploaded to server.
I am successfully push/chef-client in node.
Now, I want to do integration testing like, oracle software installed successfully or not, port is listening or not.
I have read about serverspec and other integration tools. I tried but no look. they are using vagrat tool/kitchen test.
I do not have vagrant/another tool. I want to write functional/integration testing to verify system desired status.

Can you please help me how to write integration test cases and test them on ndoe.


You can use InSpec without using vagrant. doing it against your live systems on a node without using Test Kitchen - I prepared a few overview videos for O’Reilly outlining the process. In addition to a security assessment you can also do integration testing, so these should be applicable:

Please have a look at too

Yes, Annie wrote a great series of blog posts showing you step-by-step how to get started with InSpec, once you see that it meets your requirements for the type of testing you want to do.

Thank you! I am going through the documentation.