Introducing... Casserole


Ohai chefs,

What is Casserole ? An OS X client for Chef !

Vrritteeen in Objective-C and Cocoa for Mac OS X 10.5, it replicates
in a native application some of the Chef Server Web UI functions.

We’re releasing it today in open-source under an Apache License.

Things that work:

  • read-only access to a chef server - I wanted to clean up the UI
    before tackling the write part.
  • Exploring nodes, registrations, cookbooks (no template content for
    now due to a REST API limitation).
  • Access to the search indexes
  • Live filtering / matching in node and search results.

Things planned for the next version:

  • Saving search requests
  • Read/Write support: changing attributes, tags and recipes

Things I’d like to do someday

  • Connecting to multiple chef servers
  • MacRuby integration (testing cookbooks from Casserole ? pushing
    configs to the server ?)
  • Support for the cookbook metadata architecture when it’s available
  • Better integration with present and future Chef awesomeness

Please note that Casserole is nothing but a side project - although
we’re starting to use it internally - so no warranty, no support, no
schedules, etc. And don’t get angry if Casserole shuts down your
entire cloud (which would be an accomplishment with a read-only
version). But hey, it’s open-source, you can fix it.

There’s a compiled version on

Feel free to send feedback on, and to use
GitHub issue tracker.

Bork bork bork !


Olivier Gutknecht
Director, Server Software