Invoking chef-shell with a run_list


Should the following chef-shell invocation populate run_list with something
other than an empty array?

What am I trying to do? I’m just trying to get to know chef-shell and try to use
it to debug recipes.

jazzbutcher$ chef-shell -v
Chef: 11.6.2

jazzbutcher$ cat ~/.chef/chef_shell_fu.json
“run_list”: [

jazzbutcher$ chef-shell -z -j ~/.chef/chef_shell_fu.json
loading configuration: /Users/kallen/.chef/chef_shell.rb
Session type: client
Loading…resolving cookbooks for run list: []
.Synchronizing Cookbooks:

This is the chef-shell.
Chef Version: 11.6.2

run help' for help,exit’ or ^D to quit.

Ohai2u kallen@jazzbutcher!
chef > node[‘recipes’]
chef >