Iptables Cookbook

Ohai Chefs!

I have just released version 0.14.0 of the iptables cookbook. It has a few notable changes that are worth being aware of.

Most notably, recipe[iptables] now defaults to secure. Specifically, it rejects all incoming traffic unless explicitly allowed. This is different from the last few versions which did not block by default. As a note, it appears that this may not have always been the case, so as a result please take a look at your setup and at the cookbook and see if it will break things.

Finally, I have added some tests to the cookbook so it should be easier to see what we are doing to test and keep us from merging things that break behavior in the future.

Please see the release at https://supermarket.getchef.com/cookbooks/iptables and the CHANGELOG at https://supermarket.getchef.com/cookbooks/iptables#changelog


— cwebber