Is it possible to depend on a package partial version constraint?


to support multiple stable releases of a programming language “X”, creating packages owner/X/1.0.0 and owner/X/1.1.0, and some other package consumes owner/X/1.1.*

otherwise depending on owner/X/1.1.0 would not receive any bug/security fix updates, and the only alternative way would be to create a package per minor release e.g. owner/X-1.0 owner/X-1.1

More advanced constraints may also be needed e.g. owner/X >= 1.0 < 2.5

We currently only support full versions. If you package depended on X/1.1.0 and X/1.1.1 was released, you could just build a new package that depends on X/1.1.1.

You could also build a new release of X/1.1.0 that includes patches for security updates, just like operating system packages often do.

Does that help?

Ok, thanks.

For the sake of clarity I’ll put the minor release number in the package name. The packages would be following bugfix releases of the upstream packages, and I’d not want to lose the patch number.

This seems right for now - if there are two stable branches, like python2 and python, you would want two plans.