Is it possible to pass a dsc_resource property that is a custom class?

Hi All,

The docs say when using a dsc_resource, the types are "converted into the corresponding Windows PowerShell type during a Chef Infra Client run." dsc_resource Resource

When a DSC module expects a property to be a custom class, is there a way to pass that from ruby?

For example, the following resource expects an array of "MSFT_AdfsIssuanceTransformRule"

AdfsRelyingPartyTrust WebApp1
            Name                    = 'WebApp1'
            Enabled                 = $true
            Notes                   = 'This is a trust for'
            WSFedEndpoint           = ''
            Identifier              = ''
            AccessControlPolicyName = 'Permit Everyone'
            IssuanceTransformRules  = @(
                    TemplateName = 'CustomClaims'
                    Name         = 'App1 Custom Claim'
                    CustomRule   = 'TBC'

Thanks in advance for any guidance.