Is it possible to Resolve Dependency cookbooks on node level sing Berkshelf, instead of storing in chefserver?


Im a beginner to Berkshelf. Just started working with Berkshelf with test kitchen few weeks before.

We have a chef driven echo system. Currently we are using our own custom made cookbooks. Now we are planning to use community cookbooks and wraps it with custom changes and also resolve the dependencies using Berkshelf.

So i came across a question that is,

Is it possible to upload just the wrapper cookbooks to chef server using(berks upload) without uploading the dependency cookbooks in the berkisfile to chef server??

The idea is to keep only the wrapper cookbook in chefserver, and use Berkshelf in each nodes to download the dependency cookbooks on node level itself.

I do not believe that is possible. Berkshelf really lives in your dev workflow and is not used by production chef nodes for cookbook resolution. It helps you resolve dependencies at test/build time and upload those dependencies to be used later at runtime.

Okay. Thanks for Your quick reply @Matt_Wrock