Is there a way to use Search to dump a list of nodes and their policies?

Something like: knife search node “name:*” -a “Policy Name”? or -a “policy_name”?

Even though I can see “Policy Name” is set when I do:
knife search node "name:mynode" -l

it doesn’t look like I can get at it with Search, or I don’t know what the right syntax would be.

PS C:\pop-repo> knife search node “name:mynode” -l
1 items found

Node Name:   mynode
Policy Name:  mypolicy
Policy Group: mypolicygroup

It looks like “chef show-policy” sort of does this, in that it shows you what nodes are running what policies.

What I really want to see if all of my nodes, and whether/not there are policies running against them.

In case anyone else is looking for this, I was able to pull this information into a reporting database using chef_handler and Chef.run_context.node.policy_name/Chef.run_context.node.policy_group.

Old thread, but I was looking for answer to same question. I ended up finding the search keys to use elsewhere.

knife search node 'policy_name:*' -a policy_group -a policy_name