Issues in Habitat 0.18.0 Release

Some bugs have surfaced from last week’s Habitat 0.18.0 release and a couple of them may be blocking functionality or breaking plan builds. We are planning to release a patch later this week to address these issues, but in the meantime, here are a couple to look out for in particular:

Entering a docker based studio on Windows

Running hab studio enter on a Windows machine currently results in the following error:

   hab-studio: Creating Studio at /hab/studios/src (default)
   hab-studio: Importing core secret origin key
✗✗✗ Crypto error: No revisions found for core sig key

Habitat is not giving Docker the correct path to mount where the local keys are located.

You can work around this issue by setting the HAB_CACHE_KEY_PATH environment variable with the local path to the habitat keys:


Now running hab studio enter should complete successfully.

TOML Error when starting hab service

When trying to start a hab service, the following error may occur:

Can't serialize TOML: values must be emitted before tables

The reason this occurs is that TOML requires a strict ordering for tables, and during the loading of the config in default.toml, the ordering gets changed.

One way to work around this would be to remove table entries from default.toml. Obviously, this may not be feasible for all services, but for some it might suffice until a patch is released.