JRE upgrade in Chef Server

Hi Team,

Currently we are running on Chef Server 12.11.1 hosted in our environment. Our security team raised a flag on JRE version 1.8.0_91 which is very old and they are recommending to upgrade to 1.8.0_191 or higher. Do we require this jre folder inside /opt/opscode/embedded ? Because if another chef server where we don't have that jre folder but the chef server version is same. If yes, how can i upgrade to new version without breaking the chef server configuration.

Unfortunately we do bundle the jre runtime that is verified to work with chef-server with the product. The best way to upgrade it is to upgrade the chef-server itself. It's not recommended or supported to upgrade the java runtime by itself as we can't guarantee there aren't breaking changes between jvm versions and the current chef-server version. The bundled version has been tested and chef-server has been updated appropriately to ensure functionality of the 2 at the time of a specific version release.

Thanks for the confirmation. Just from the point of JRE upgrade to 1.8.0_191, which chef server version i have to use ? I have some old cookbooks written long back, i don't want them to complain about version unsupported after upgrading to chef.

chef server doesn't matter just the version of chef-client that is running on your servers will matter. Newer versions of chef-client would potentially require upgrades to the cookbooks they are running. Here is a link to the release notes docs between versions Chef Infra Server Release Notes