Jvmargs 0.0.2


hey guys,

just released jvmargs gem 0.0.2 which now allow you to add arbitrary
rules for JVM arguments

Here is an example that allows you to force the maximum and minimum
heap sizes to be equal

args = JVMArgs::Args.new(“Xmx256M”)
args.add_rule(:equal_max_min_heap) do |args|
value = args[:nonstandard][‘Xmx’].value
args[:nonstandard][‘Xms’].value = JVMArgs::NonStandard.new(“Xms#{value}”)

here is a rule to raise an error if -XX:MaxPermSize is less than 256M

args = JVMArgs::Args.new(“Xmx256M”)

process more args here, possibly from node attributes

args.add_rule(:min_permgen) do |args|
value = args[:unstable][‘MaxPermSize’].value
value_num = JVMArgs::Utils.get_raw_num(value)
if value_num < 256
raise ArgumentError, "This application requires at least 256M of
permgen, you supplied #{value}"