Kitchen Copying Cookbook Files on Windows 10 Failing Intermittedly due to Path Limit



Got an annoying issue where my local Kitchen setup isn’t playing ball with some new directories and files I’ve added to my cookbook.

The behavior suggests it’s the Windows Path Limit that’s blocking the Kitchen process from copying my new files to the temp directory as the full path in Temp is longer than the dreaded 260 character limit. But I have enabled Long Path Names on my machine (it’s Windows 10) and it started to work again for a little bit. But once I added more files it started failing again:

Failed to complete #converge action: [No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir - C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp/<path to first cookbook file that added up to more than 260 chars>

Is there anyway to make this better? Maybe pointing kitchen at a different Temp directory with a shorter path somehow?