Kitchen search on aws fails with Net::HTTPServerException 404 "Not Found"

I want to provision a win2016 instance on aws with software packets and configuration and it already works for most chef functions (like downloading packets, setting env vars etc.). But when i try to search another node I run into a http exception, with a very non descriptive stacktrace.
To exclude any other factors I've excluded all other code pieces from being executed

my recipe:

my kitchen.yml:

my fake Node:

and finally, my stacktrace:

Am I missing something, because I really can't figure out where the error is coming from

How is your fake node added to the kitchen env, and where? Off the top of my head, chef_zero (in kitchen) looks for them in /tmp/kitchen/nodes

edit I think I see it: you set your fake node in client.rb, which tells the kitchen node it's the fake one. To test search you'll need your fake node to exist in the folder I mentioned, and the kitchen node should not name it anywhere in it's own conf

hey, thanks for answering. I actually found the reason for this problem yesterday, one of my nodes had a fqdn like and chef-zero actually cuts away all ".rb" of a name because of a faulty regex. It should be fixed in the next version.

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