Kitchen-vagrant 1.0.1 Released


We’ve released kitchen-vagrant 1.0.1 - this is a maintenance release to properly disable the cache folder for FreeBSD and MacOS/OSX instances. As we didn’t send an announcement for the release of the prior version, 1.0.0, here are some of the more notable features:

  • Add vagrant-cachier support to default Vagrantfile.erb #186
  • Allow customization of cpuidset for VirtualBox VMs #175
  • Add KVM/libvirt storage support to Vagrantfile.erb #271 (dprts)
  • Set FQDN to include again for non-windows operating sys… #168 (spion06)
  • Virtualbox storage via createhd and storageattach #246 (shortdudey123)
  • Add support for box_download_ca_cert #274 (cheeseplus)