Kitchen.yml openstack not working

Test kitchen not working with openstack windows 2016 driver, see below error

[mousaa@hostname cis-windows-ms-2016test]$ kitchen create --log-level debug
-----> Starting Test Kitchen (v2.12.0)
D Policyfile found at /home/mousaa/chef-repo/cookbooks/cis-windows-ms-2016test/Policyfile.rb, using Policyfile to resolve cookbook dependencies
D winrm requested, loading winrm gem (["~> 2.0"])
D winrm was already loaded.
D winrm-fs requested, loading winrm-fs gem (["~> 1.0"])
D winrm-fs is loaded.
D winrm-elevated requested, loading winrm-elevated gem (["~> 1.0"])
D winrm-elevated is loaded.
-----> Creating ...
D Selected image: 48723aaf-ea10-4ba4-8bc9-33013482f6d2 win2016-desktop-cloudinit-v3
D Selected flavor: 5 m1.xlarge
OpenStack instance with ID of is ready.
D Waiting for VM to be in ACTIVE state for a max time of:200 seconds
Attaching floating IP from pool
Created floating IP <> from pool
Attaching floating IP <>
D Using floating ip:
Sleeping for 200 seconds to let your server start up...
.................... Waiting for server to be ready...
D [WinRM] <{:endpoint=>"", :user=>"chefadmin", :password=>"@@@@@@", :transport=>:negotiate, :elevated_username=>"chefadmin", :elevated_password=>"@@@@@@", :no_ssl_peer_verification=>true, :disable_sspi=>false, :basic_auth_only=>false}> (Write-Host '[WinRM] Established
D [WinRM] opening remote shell on

Server (b7b3f2c0-5673-4b73-b968-193a32654712) not reachable. Destroying server...
Retrieve the floating IP
Retrieve the ID of floating IP <>
OpenStack Floating IP <> released.
OpenStack instance destroyed.

Class: Kitchen::ActionFailed
Message: 1 actions failed.
Failed to complete #create action: [execution expired] on default-win2016

Please see .kitchen/logs/kitchen.log for more details
Also try running kitchen diagnose --all for configuration

The new image gets created and execute cloud-init userdata.txt after reboot I see the instance in openstack less than 2 mins kitchen displays erver (b7b3f2c0-5673-4b73-b968-193a32654712) not reachable. Destroying server.

Does kitchen cli has any additional debugging to use to deep dive to find out what is the problem?