Knfie ec2 fails consistently when trying to boot up three nodes


I am using knife to boot up three nodes on my dev box. 9 out of 10
times knife fails to run and hangs. One or two nodes will
complete…one fails 90% of the time.

Below is the output and where is hangs. Is this a know bug with knife?

Instance ID: i-6e10dd3a
Flavor: t1.micro
Image: ami-c4622596
Region: ap-southeast-1
Availability Zone: ap-southeast-1a
Security Groups: nginx
SSH Key: sg_development

Waiting for server…
Public DNS Name:
Public IP Address:
Private DNS Name: ip-10-130-13-51.ap-southeast-1.compute.internal
Private IP Address:

Waiting for sshd.done
Bootstrapping Chef on


On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 2:14 AM, David Montgomery wrote:

Waiting for sshd.done
Bootstrapping Chef on

Since the instance has come up in this case, can you ssh to the
instance and run chef-client with debug logging?

chef-client -l debug

One possibility is that ohai is hanging, you can find out if this is
the case by running the following on the node:

ohai -l debug

From the output it also looks like ssh came up surprisingly fast for a
t1.micro. It could be that ssh isn't /actually/ up yet. How long have
you let knife-ec2 sit? Does it ever timeout? You also might try
running your server creation command with the -VV flag to get a bit
more info.