Knife bootstrap linux command

Greetings Pros,

Our Linux servers mostly has paraphrase's which required for login in to the machine . when i am trying to execute knife bootstrap command with a single server it prompts me a screen asking me to enter the paraphrase , then when i enter the paraphrase the chef client executes and job can will be performed successfully . But when we are trying the same on multiple nodes we have a script where we define IP, host names and .pem key . and for non paraphrase servers the scripts executes successfully but for Paraphrase enabled i get the below output please check the screenshot


Is there any way i can pass the paraphrase value in the knife bootstarp command's ? or is there any way i can define where the bootstrap command can read this an input variable and performs the action in silent method


The normal way of doing this would be to use an ssh agent.

can you please provide me with an exmple, do i need to configure ssh-agent on each node?