Knife bootstrap windows

Is there a way to change the chef client that is install when bootstrapping? Whenever I bootstrap a windows 10 laptop the knife outputs stating that it will install the default Windows server 2008 chef client.

@Sydnguyen You can use --bootstrap-url option to customize chef-client installation or use --bootstrap-install-command 'exit 0' to skip chef-client installation. Just deploy chef-client part of your ami or vmdk.

If you’re using terraform, you can use skip_install = true from null_resource block.

Thanks @suthir will the below code work in knife.rb

if[platform_version] =~ /10./
knife[:bootstrap_url] = ""

@Sydnguyen yes, give it a shot.


@Sydnguyen try with --bootstrap-msi-url

@suthir no luck, i think the if[platform_version] =~ /10./ in the knife.rb is not working cause I still see the output below.

@Sydnguyen In order to fix platform_version condition, please obtain the value by running ohai platform_version on the node.

Please see below

[ "10.0.17682"]

@Sydnguyen Have you tried with 10.0.17682?

@suthir yeah, i tried that still get the same issues.