Knife node run_list add : It doesn't check if recipe exists?


Here I tried adding a recipe that doesn’t exist “recipe[apa]”. Wouldn’t it be good to have a check at the workstation level which verifies whether the recipe exists or not?

[root@chefwrk recipes]# knife node run_list add chefclnt1 "recipe[apa]"
_ run_list:_
_ recipe[node_init::apache]_
_ recipe[apache]_
_ recipe[apa]_

PS: I’m a new learner, so my apologies if any of my questions sound naive.

It’d be nice, yes. @ssd filed the issue on our old tracker as CHEF-2873, but I don’t see one on GitHub issues. I couldn’t find and can’t think of any major blockers for why it wouldn’t be easy for someone to write.