Knife output displays incorrect name


I have a few servers that are not displaying their hostnames properly in the knife output. Its not affecting anything, but I can’t figure out why. The hostname has been configured correctly on the server and it has public/private DNS entries in AWS. It looks like it only is affecting servers with public IPs in AWS and only when using a glob.

In the knife output, the name is instead of the actual node name.

[centos@bastion chef-repo]$ knife ssh '' 'hostname -f'

[centos@bastion chef-repo]$ knife ssh -m 'hostname -f'

[centos@bastion chef-repo]$ knife node show -a fqdn

[centos@bastion chef-repo]$ knife node show -a name

[centos@bastion chef-repo]$ knife node show -a hostname
  hostname: bastion