Knife-psearch 0.9.0

Ohai Chefs,

Chef 12’s knife client will come with built-in support for Chef
Server’s partial search API. However, for those of you who will be
using Chef 11 for a while longer, you may be interested in

knife-psearch uses Chef Server’s partial search API to speed up
searches that return a large number of results.

I’ve just released 0.9.0, which

  • Adds support for the -i option, which only prints the id’s of the
    returned results
  • Changes the default output for node search to match the output of knife search
  • Makes the KEY_MAP argument optional, constructing partial searches
    from the -a option, -i option, or defaults when possible.

The goal of these changes is to make the command a bit friendlier for
those used to the knife-search syntax. Bug reports are welcome on

Thanks to for inspiring the
improved command line syntax.

I’ll release 1.0 in 2 weeks provided no big bugs have been reported.