Knife ssh Return Values

Hi Guys!

We’re using “knife ssh” to deploy parts of our application. It seems,
though, that knife ssh returns “0” if it can’t connect to the host:

user@chef02:/tmp$ knife ssh ‘name:MikeEnv01C1’ 'ls /etc’
MikeEnv01C1 fstab makedev.d rmt
user@chef02:/tmp$ echo $?

… and to a host which was brought down:

user@chef02:/tmp$ knife ssh ‘name:SteveEnv02C’ ‘ls /etc’

echo ? WARNING: Failed to connect to -- Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2) user@chef02:/tmp echo $?

user@chef02:/tmp$ knife -v
Chef: 11.4.0

Is this “As Designed”?


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