Librarian and chef 10.16 and yay :)


hey friends,
at my group at Scholastic, we’d been running with centos 5.7, using
packages provided by the frameos people. A few hundred machines.

Over the last two weeks with some help from people on this list I’ve gotten
our entire infrastructure upgraded to 10.16.2 using the awesome omnibus RPM
packages, and while i was at it I pulled in librarian-chef so that we can
keep our packages up to date.

So much good shtuf!

Thanks everyone for the help and for building the awesome things, I’m going
through all my group’s modified opscode-provided cookbooks and doing my
best to turn our changes into pull requests for added functionality so we
can clean our repo up even more, and so that others can take advantage of
our work. (we went from about 100 to about 50 cookbooks in our repo so far,
about 20 or 25 more to strip out. woo!).