Licensing and Reselling InSpec scripts

I would like to know if the license allows me to make, maintain and sell baselines scripts and custom InSpec resources module for very particular products.

Thank you

Our current end user license agreement doesn't allow that, but our Partnership team would welcome a conversation around it. The best way to reach them is with an email to

Let me know if I can help in any other way!

@bennyvasquez How does the inspec license prevent someone to license and sell an inspec profile ?

The consumer would have to buy two licenses, one for inspec and one for the profile, but I fail to understand how this is prevented by Chef's licensing scheme.

I'm not sure about the specifics here, but that was the advice of our legal team. If you'd like, we can move this conversation to email and I can work to find the specifics.

Well that's not exactly for me, I understand it would be forbidden to package inspec inside another product, but I don't see a limitation to licensing an inspec profile or a Chef cookbook.

If that's something forbidden by current EULA, all actual content of supermarket under GPL or Apache2 may be at risk.

To give an exemple of what I think is the case in point: let's say I create an inspec plugin and profile to check IBM iSeries AS400 and choose to license it on a commercial base and sell it (alone, not with inspec).

I.e: The fact it's something to be consumed by inspec has no reason to be bound by inspec license, specially as it could be used with cinc-auditor wich is has no commercial limitations.