Little issue with Chef 0.10.4 on Natty


First post and wanted to quickly say: excellent product and thanks for all the
hard work. Very much appreciated!

I installed the new chef 0.10.4 from the Ubuntu repository this morning on a
server running Natty. The packages installed but failed in the configuration
phase, when configuring chef-solr:

Setting up chef-solr (0.10.4-1) …
Creating user “chef” …
Error: {user_already_exists,<<“chef”>>}
dpkg: error processing chef-solr (–configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2

It looks like the problem may be the same thing this bug: … ?

In any case, I resolved it, as the post suggests, by editing

and replacing:
rabbitmqctl list_users | grep -x “^chef$” 1>/dev/null
rabbitmqctl list_users | grep -e “^chef$” 1>/dev/null
and running apt-get install -f

Hope this is helpful in case others experience this.

Graham Stewart 416-550-2806
Network and Storage Services Manager, Information Technology Services
University of Toronto Libraries