Location of Web Content on Chef Server


I am working on an isolated lab to learn to use Chef. Currently trying to bootstrap a node. I have a copy of the chef client .msi file. Now I just need a place to put it where it can be accessed from a URL. I am a Windows SA. I could build an IIS server in my lab, but for simplicity and learning I would prefer to put it on my (Ubuntu) Chef Server.

I have installed Chef-Manage on the Chef server and connected to that via a web browser, so I know I have a working web server. Where is the content for this web server in the Chef server file system? I have been searching the file system for things like my organization name which appears to be a folder in the URL used to admin Chef via the Manage console, but I can’t find it.

My immediate goal is to copy the client to a location on Chef server and use the --msi-url in the knife bootstrap windows command to download this file in the bootstrap process. My secondary goal is just to understand more about how Chef Server works.


You’ve got about 50% of the right idea, you do want to copy down the MSI file to an internal web server and re-share it from there, but you can’t use Chef Server for this. You’ll need your own web server somewhere else.

The folder is /opt/chef-manage/embedded/service/chef-manage/public.