Logrotate 1.7.0

Ohai Chefs,

I've just released v1.7.0 of the logrotate cookbook. The changelog
can be found here:

Thanks to the contributors to this release:

Andrian Jardan (1):
Adding compressoptions option

Cam Cope (3):
add solaris support
change guard condition to if block as per PR comment
add serverspec for logrotate.d folder

Daniel Silverman (2):
Strip invalid options rather than throwing fatal
Raising rather than continuing on error

Gerard de Vos (1):
Added some more configuration options: maxage,
shred/shredcycles, extension, tabooext

James Belchamber (1):
Typo fix

Ranjib Dey (1):
add chefspec matcher for logrotate_app definition

Please file bug reports or feature requests on Github: