Migration Server couldnot able to bootstrap

Greetings Pros,

We have some servers that are been migrated from IBM Data center to AWS . All the Migration process has been successful ,we have changed the , hostnames and IP,s etc.. and created a User(Administrator) and add to Admin groups for our authentication from IBM. And we could able to successfully RDP to local machine with the credentials we created after migration. The challenging point is Chef could notable to authenticate to Server with the credentials we are providing in the bootstrap command where we could able to login successfully via RDP.

Below is the screenshot Attached . Please help..!



When you change the hostname, you have to re-bootstrap it and give it new credentials. Ideally, you also set the run_list to match the original run_list, and delete the old node from your history, because Chef does not know it is really the same host.

Have you enabled winrm on the instances? What version of the winrm gem are you using?