Need help with zabbix_sender recipe


I am working on creating a cookbook that will send the chef run status into zabbix with zabbix_sender. When I run knife cookbook upload for my cookbook I am receiving the following syntax error. It appears that it’s telling me that there is an unexpected break, but I can’t figure out what is wrong with my code below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

syntax error, unexpected ‘\n’, expecting :: or ‘[’ or ‘.’

1 #!/usr/bin/ruby
2 chef_gem 'zabbix_sender’
4 require 'zabbix_sender’
6 module
7 class RunStatus < Chef::Handler
8 def zabbix
9 sender = ‘’, port: 10051)
10 if success?
11‘host’, ‘key’, ‘1’)
12 else
13 if failed?
14‘host’, ‘key’, ‘0’)
15 end
16 end
17 end
18 end


This is because you have the module keyword with no module name.

You can see that this doesn’t work:


To get the exact same error message, you need to put something inside, e.g., this will cause the same error:

  class Foo


Thanks for the input. I went ahead and updated the Module and ran kitchen converge but am getting an error “cannot load such file – zabbix_sender”

1: #!/usr/bin/ruby
2>> require ‘zabbix_sender’
4: module ChefClient
5: module RunStatus
6: def zabbix
7: sender =’’, port: 10051)
8: if success?
9:‘host’, ‘key’, ‘1’)
10: elsif failed?
11:‘host’, ‘key’, ‘0’)