Need to bootstrap the linux node without internet


I am trying to bootstrap the linux node without internet access.

I tried various method but no luck:

  1. I kept my package ie chef-client package in artifactory and ran the bootstrap command passing the --bootstrap-install-command wget command to redirect it to package , but it gave no result and was stuck on wget command.

  2. I tried to download the script and with an estimation inspite of the linux to package download from chef i gave the link to artifactory url, but still not worked and I am also not sure which line in linux script to edit.

  3. I also tried with the custom templates but no luck.

I need a help on this if somebody can provide me the clear action to be taken to make it successful.

Thanks in advance

This should work:

knife bootstrap SERVER_FQDN --ssh-user USERNAME --ssh-password “PASSWORD” --node-name SERVER_FQDN --bootstrap-install-command “wget; yum --nogpgcheck install -y chef-client-12.9.38-1.el6.x86_64.rpm” --sudo --use-sudo-password PASSWORD

Change the nexus URL and rpm package name.



Thanks for your reply…

One question do i need to use nogpgcheck along with the same bootstrap command as you have given in above statement.

or I need to pass the command uptill " knife bootstrap SERVER_FQDN --ssh-user USERNAME --ssh-password “PASSWORD” --node-name SERVER_FQDN --bootstrap-install-command "wget "

Need little clarification

Thanks in advance

The nogpgcheck is basically a precaution. Because your RPM wouldn’t come from the official repository and your machine doesn’t have Internet access, the PGP signing key may not be available for verification. That would cause the installation to fail. nogpgcheck makes the installation more resilient, at the expense that there is less protection against somebody tampering with the RPM.

If you can download and install the PGP key before bootstrapping, you don’t need nogpgcheck.

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