New "chef-client --local-mode" wrapper


I used to publish some wrapper tools for chef-solo, useful for test environments and testing new recipes on local hosts before publishing them to a chef server. Sadly, chef-solo seems to have been discarded with the latest chef-client and chefdk releases.

“chef-zero” and “chef-client --local-mode” have rather distinct component layouts from “chef-solo”. They especially don’t use the same old configuration files in /etc/chef/, especially /etc/chef/node.json So the switch from chef-solo is not a drop-in replacement.

With this in mind, I’ve revised my tools and published them at . It relies on GNU make as a wrapper, so it works well on Linux and UNIX systems I’ve tested with. It also relies on Berkshelf to organize the coookbooks locally, and compiling Berkshelf is a lengthy and fairly painful process on small systems, so I’d urge simply installing chefdk binaries to use this.