New episodes of the foodfightshow, the Chef community podcast


Ohai Chefs!

The FoodfightShow team has put out some shows recently that should interest
you whether you’re a newbie or a master. For the those of you who aren’t
already familiar with it, The Foodfightshow is the bi-weekly Chef community

Here are some recent episodes:

  • Monitoringsucks with Lusis and Patrick DeBois
  • Cookbook testing with Eric G. Wolfe (Atomic-Penguin) and Fletcher
  • Chef Server with Kevin Smith and Seth Falcon
  • How to Succeed in DevOps with David Zwieback

You can subscribe on iTunes, via RSS, or Stitcher. Follow us at
@foodfightshow on Twitter

The Food Fight Show Team are:

  • Bryan W. Berry
  • Nathen Harvey
  • Matt Ray
  • John E. Vincent (Lusis)

Fork us on github to add ideas for shows and add questions to upcoming