Node bootstrap failing

Chef workstation is Windows 10 (chef 14.1.12)
Chef server is running on Ubuntu 16.04 virtual box (whatever version the instructions had me install)
node I’m trying to bootstrap is a vagrant cent-os VM.

I’m able to SSH with RSA key to the client box from the workstartion
I’m able to communicate with chef server using fqdn from all systems
Able to curl https://[fqdn]/organizations/4thcoffee/nodes/node1-centos from the node

But when I try to bootstrap I get the following error:
ERROR: Error connecting to https://[fqdn]/organizations/4thcoffee/nodes/node1-centos, retry 1/5
Failed to open TCP connection to [fqdn]:443 (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)

I’ve added the fqdn to the node’s hosts file, and I like I said I reach via curl.

Any ideas?

One more detail. not sure if this matters, but even though I’m using rsa key method to connect to the node, it asks me for the node password anyway.

Nevermind! Turns out I have 2 vagrant cent-os instances running and didn’t realize it. Whoops.