Node not consistently showing up in queries



I’ve changed the chef_environment from one of my node with knife node
edit But it’s not showing up in queries I made in a
consistent way.

Is there a difference between these knife commands:

knife node list -E dev


knife search node “chef_environment:dev”

The “knife node list” way do show my node, but the “knife search” does
not: it shows the same node list as the other way, minus my newly
changed node.

If I change a node environment from the webui, the node do show up the
same way in both method.

I fear the versions I run are fairly old: knife / clients is 0.10.10
and chef server is 0.10.8. I’ve search the bug tracker but found
nothing that look relevant.

So, I’ve hit a strange bug, or this is some know behavior that I
did’nt understand properly?

Thanks for your help