OAUTh process for on-prem builder

I`m trying to setup a on-prem builder. Based on the already existing script I use chef-automate for the oauth process. The “./install.sh” script is completed without any errors.

At the moment my builder ui page is accessible at Can the builder also listen on a different URL than localhost?

When I press the sign-in butten I get to my chef-automate server as expected. At the moment, however, the authentication process fails because I am redirected to the OAUTH_REDIRECT_URL, where no service is running.

Which service has to be addressed via OAUTH_REDIRECT_URL and APP_URL? I thought that would match my builder ui url?

Here is a short part of my bldr.env file. I`ve installed the on-prem builder on a virtual machine with the IP addr My wish would be that the on-prem builder could be reached via

export OAUTH_PROVIDER=chef-automate
export APP_URL=