Oc-id (Chef Identity service) open sourced


We've just open-sourced https://github.com/opscode/oc-id. This is the
OAuth2 provider that Supermarket uses to authenticate with hosted Chef.

You can use this to authenticate with an on-premises Enterprise Chef 11
server and run your own private copy of Supermarket.

Instructions for configuring and running oc-id are in the README.
Instructions for configuring Supermarket to talk to an oc-id instance are
in the Supermarket wiki (

oc-id is very basic right now and only intended for use as described above.
Things that may come in the future are:

  • Shipping it with on-premises Enterprise Chef server
  • Making it work with open source Chef server
  • Whatever you want (within reason :)) Pull requests and issues are

If you have problems, questions, or comments, you can open an issue, post
on the mailing list, contact me (smith@getchef.com), or the Chef Software
Front End team (front-end@getchef.com.)


Nathan L Smith