Omnitruck/ deployment

omnitruck and just got a minor version release that should
not affect anyone:

  • added endpoints and a -P chefdk option to for upcoming chefdk

    (there are no artifacts yet to download so -P chefdk should 404 –
    don’t send us tickets, we’re aware its not live yet)

  • MacOSX .dmg support

    (again, no .dmg artifacts have been published, so .pkgs will still be
    downloaded and installed for chef-client on Mac)

  • support for -n nightly releases

    (i don’t think we have any of these published yet, so again this will
    probably just 404 if you try to use it – at best you’ll find some
    ancient nightly-stamped version of chef that someone uploaded a long
    time ago…)

  • smartos detection in

    (and we have no built smartos artifacts, this is only the
    platform detection bit, so again it’ll 404 if you try to use it)

so… mostly this is pretty useless to you all today and just sets the
foundation for future goodness, and hopefully this incremental change
does not break anyone…